Majority of UK Shoppers Prefer Online to In-Store

If you are under the impression that online shopping is rapidly overtaking brick-and-mortar, you would be right. A new study has revealed that more than half of UK consumers now prefer to shop online than in-store, compared to 2017. Some of the top reasons consumers prefer online shopping include: the ability to shop 24/7, compare prices, find sales and a greater variety of options.

eCommerce search and navigation specialists EmpathyBroker, recently examined current consumers shopping behaviour. Their efforts revealed that customers now shop online an average of six times per month, while Generation Y says they make purchases on retailers’ websites eight times per month. In addition, 27 percent of men and 25 percent of women say they shop online once a week.

The survey of UK shoppers went even further to find out how detailed these searches and purchases are. Do shoppers prefer to browse? Or do they simply … Read the more